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SCOUT Paramotors Featured in Paramotor Magazine

Paramotor Magazine is our sports biggest magazine known worldwide.  We’ve been a fan of their stunning photos and clever writing for years and definitely welcomed the latest issue 42  to our mailbox! Word is starting to travel, the SCOUT is far from “hype.” It’s the real deal! (click the image for a larger size) Javi Malaguita was also featured in his very own article talking about the SCOUT Paramotor and his crazy but highly skilled flying.  We can’t wait to play host to Miro and Javi when they come to the USA this summer for tons of aerial fun! Check …
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SCOUT Paramotor Meets the New Thor 190 Lite

13.8KG of engine weight, 27 hp, wrapped up in a sleek carbon fiber frame?  Yes please!   The first Thor 190 Lite powered SCOUT paramotor has been completed and just arrived here in the USA today.   Testing will begin immediately on this new engine.   The SCOUT team in Slovakia redesigned the frame to accommodate this new engine from Polini. We plan on putting 50 hours on it before we make the call to equip customer SCOUTs with this new engine or not.  We want you to enjoy your time in the air, let us do the testing to …
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The Aerial Vehicle of Choice – Dude I Want That!

It’s always fun when our sport gets “maintstream coverage.”   Recently DudeIWantThat.com found our SCOUT paramotor online and shared one of our favorite films from Javi Malaguita as well. “…would paramotoring not be a fantastic, traffic-and-other-human-being-free form of transportation? I could literally fly to work. Cars, stoplights, construction, bodies of water: Hasta la vista, Gilipollas!” They later went on to add: “To ensure people who have no business using a SCOUT do not buy one, one of Jeff Bezos’ drones will trail all paramotor deliveries to take a photograph of required licensing. Those who cannot produce the proper documents will be punished either …
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We Are Looking For SCOUT Dealers

SCOUT has many new things coming down the pipeline this year and we need your help sharing in the excitement.   If you are a qualified instructor and have the drive and love to share this sport with others, please contact us. We never plan to over populate the amount of dealers we have, there will only be a handful in the USA.  Dedication and passion for this sport is mandatory, bring the good vibes with you! Please contact us for details:   855-359-4256 or email team at flyhalo.com

A Major Success At Las Candelas

Photo Credit – Paramotor Magazine. Paco Guerra banks the SCOUT. The SCOUT was the interest of many pilots at Las Candelas this year!   We had pilots from all over Europe get to see the SCOUT in person and of course fly each of our models too.   Here’s a video showcasing some of the fun had as well as some SCOUT flying action!  

See The SCOUT At Las Candelas Paramotor Fly In

We will be there and there will be plenty of SCOUT paramotors to see and test-fly. You will see all the options and latest innovations.   Introduction of the lightest paramotor engine ever. SCOUT comes with Moster engine as standard.  Now we will show the brand new EOS 100 engine – the lightest paramotor engine ever. World premiere of the brand new hybrid weight shift system. Standard goose-neck bars ensure great weight-shift control with maximum comfort for long cross-country flights. After extensive research and development we are proud to intorduce the new hybrid hook-in system with weight-shift abilitity like no other! This has not yet …
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SCOUT Paramotor Cyber Monday Sale

From now until 12:00 noon, EST  12/4/2013 SCOUT Paramotors USA is offering a free Team Fly Halo throttle upgrade and a free SCOUT t-shirt when customers order a SCOUT through qualified dealers. The Team Fly Halo throttle is a custom built carbon fiber throttle with features like a built in tiny tach, throttle safety and 2 multi-function switches.   This unit is a perfect match for the SCOUT.   Valued @ $400.00 when purchased on it’s own.    

New Dealer for the SCOUT Paramotor – Aviator PPG

We’d like to announce the addition of a new dealer for the SCOUT paramotor here in the USA. Eric of Aviaitor PPG has been selected to represent the south eastern portion of the USA. If you are interested in checking out a SCOUT in that area, he’s your guy. We wish Eric the best in his venture with Aviator PPG. – SCOUT Paramotors USA

SCOUT Show @ Wings Over Winter Paramotor Fly In

Our lead demo pilot has returned from Wings Over Winter after showcasing the SCOUT this past weekend.  The SCOUT was available for demo flights and drew in quite the crowd during the event.  According to Eric Farewell, the event organizer, over 100 pilots attended through out the week.  We were happy to be hanging out in tshirts and shorts weather down in sunny Florida. Production has recently increased to keep up with the demands of customers-  who are really loving the features of the SCOUT Paramotor.   Once you fly a SCOUT,  you won’t be able to get the experience …
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