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Team Fly Halo 2016 European factory tour is complete!

Team Fly Halo 2016 European factory tour is complete! Shane and I cleared our schedules and headed to Europe to meet up with SCOUT manufacturer and innovator Miroslav Svec, Team Niviuk in Spain, ParaJet in the UK, and Vittorazi Engines in Italy.  The tour started in Spain at the 2016 Las Candelas Paramotor fly-in located just outside the sleepy town of La Puebla. Known for being the first fly-in of the year in Europe, Las Candelas was a well organized event which included: a giant tent for PPG and food vendors, plenty of spectators, lots of flying demos, trike tandem rides, and plenty of amazing views and beautiful countryside …
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Troy Hartman Chooses SCOUT Paramotors

Troy Hartman has been flying SCOUT for a few months now,  check out what Troy has to say about our carbon fiber paramotor. “The first time I saw the SCOUT, I knew it was revolutionary for the sport. My feeling was that, even if some of the features weren’t perfectly refined in this first iteration, they were such smart ideas that wouldn’t be going away. Somewhat shockingly, the SCOUT flew exactly as it had been hyped. The lack of torque was truly hard to believe. I was expecting less torque, not no torque. It had an amazingly precise feel in …
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SCOUT Enduro – The Latest Game Changer from SCOUT Paramotors

When you think of the word “enduro,”  most will think of tough motorcycles built for rugged terrain and high speed off road racing.  Pulling from the success of the SCOUT Carbon model, the Enduro takes things to a whole new level of strength in design with the new Enduro model. We will be releasing more information in the near future on the new SCOUT Enduro Paramotor.  Don’t worry, this model is not designed to replace the existing carbon fiber paramotor in any way.  These two paramotors will fill totally different roles.

Miroslav Svec Has Invented A New Paramotor Wing Steering System

Miroslav Svec, the lead designer of the SCOUT paramotor has invented another pilot friendly design for the sport of powered paragliding.  This time around he has created a new wing steering system that is ideal for high speed slalom racing. This new system code named the MS Advanced Steering System will bring a new level of safety to slalom racing as it minimizes the risks of pilots using too much break in accelerated flight. See in depth photos and more details at the SCOUT International website.  Chalk this up as another innovation from Miro, following along the lines of his …
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SCOUT Harness Load Certified to 15G’s

SCOUT Paramotors recently completed EN testing for the harness swing arms and pivot system of the SCOUT harness.  The SCOUT harness is certified according to European Standard EN 1651 to 5,058.2025 pounds or 15G’s for a pilot with an in flight weight of 330lbs. The testing was done with the SCOUT swing arms and hinge system in place to ensure the SCOUT under load will handle extreme G forces.  This is great news for SCOUT HQ as well as all of us who fly the SCOUT paramotor.  No matter how extreme you choose to make your flight, know the harness is there and will take …
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SCOUT 185 Plus “Clutch” Carbon Paramotor Testing

SCOUT paramotors HQ recently began testing of a highly anticipated new engine on the carbon paramotor frame.    This new engine is from Vittorazi Engines ad we’re hoping it will be a great success for the industry. Formally called the Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus  this new engine is utilizing a clutch system and belt  drive system to keep the prop spinning in the same direction as regular Moster 185’s.   Apparently the paramotor gods realized how many pilots wanted a setup like this and we are happy to say the least! Here are some quick highlights on this new paramotor …
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SCOUT Paramotor Demo Time! Join us @ Endess Foot Drag May 22-26

We’re heading to the Endless Foot Drag Fly in!   This is the official USPPA event of the year and we plan on bringing SCOUT Paramotors for interested pilots to try out.    The fly in is being held May 22-26th in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We will have both the SCOUT 185 with goose neck bars as well as the SCOUT Thor 190 with hybrid low bars.   Look for Shane or Jeff from Team Fly Halo to arrange a demo.   See you there!