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Scout Paramotor Pilot Reviews


'Real Talk.'  Hear what others have to say about the Scout Carbon Fiber Paramotor.   These are all unedited comments, hear what pilots are truthfully saying in the following scout paramotor pilot reviews.


Troy Hartman

"The first time I saw the SCOUT, I knew it was revolutionary for the sport. My feeling was that, even if some of the features weren't perfectly refined in this first iteration, they were such smart ideas that wouldn't be going away. Somewhat shockingly, the SCOUT flew exactly as it had been hyped. The lack of torque was truly hard to believe. I was expecting less torque, not no torque. It had an amazingly precise feel in the air, going where I wanted it to with no resistance. I immediately felt comfortable throwing it around, with a huge grin on my face.

Beyond its magic in the air, the SCOUT is very user friendly on the ground. It takes only 5 minutes to assemble from its compact, broken down form. The harness is clean, simple and comfortable. Wearing the machine on the ground is very tolerable with its light weight and low profile. One very big difference I've found with the SCOUT is others' reaction to it. The sleek carbon fiber cage really draws attention. It's not one of those "fan things" to bystanders, but more of a modern aircraft. This is good for our sport.

There are so many other great features of the SCOUT, but in the end what sold me on it is how it flies. It's one of those products that doesn't need a lot of marketing hype. If you fly it, you will want one."

Trevor Meeks
Much Fun, So Love

"Where this unit really shines though, is the anti-torque system. I’ve flown a few different motors and each has their own way of dealing with engine torque — either by hooking the glider in with slightly different height hook-ins, or using adjustable straps to pull a bit of weight-shift into the harness to counteract the torque. The Scout uses the aerodynamic spars (the parts holding the outer hoop to the frame) to counteract torque using the air being pulled over them by the propeller. This system works EXTREMELY well. I was skeptical when I heard the initial “hype” when the design was introduced, but wow… it really works."

Steve Page
Paramotor Pilot

"Well it was absolutely amazing. Not my best launch to date. but nil wind and frosty grass etc. I Have to get used to the seat pushing into the back of my legs and the slightly over forward thrust line. But once in the air the Scout is in a world of its own. I really felt part of the machine and what a machine. Climb rate was immense compared to the Polini and the weight shift was the most effective I've experienced by far. The harness is the most comfortable thing and the seating position is wonderful the thrust line when flying is fantastic and I'm now out of breath!!!!

Basically one amazing machine. Testament to your professionalism. Well done for delivering such a beautiful thing into the Paramotoring world. Setting the standard for others to try to emulate. Thanks Miroslav"

Jeff Goin

"The fact that it looks cool doesn't hurt."

"This is a truly innovative machine that has advanced the art beyond just streamlining a standard cage. Most notably the addition of SafeStart and aerodynamic torque compensation."

"Overall: Very nice. Experienced pilots will really appreciate the balance of comfort, power, weight, size and handling. For beginners who insist on starting with low hookins, this is a good choice given the well-managed torque compensation. It's great to see this level of innovation."

"Overall this machine meets more safety goals than any other machine I've tested."

Check out Jeff's full review by visiting his website - http://www.footflyer.com/Equipment/Paramotors/2013/Scout185/Scout_Paramotor_185Moster.htm

Ryan Southwell
Videographer and Paramotor Pilot

There are a few things that immediately stood out with the Scout paramotor. First, was how it felt wearing it. After my first flight I just stood there talking with the guys with it on my back like it was no big deal. Comfortable and easy to maneuver with. An equally noticeable feature was the power. Wow! With the right combination of motor and prop it has I was completely comfortable dropping in and pulling out of anything, especially on a fast glider.

I had read about the torque technology and intentionally wanted to tested it out. So when I hit the throttle you would feel a very slight tug (as long as it takes to blink) and then it would disappear. It really works.

The carbon fiber cage is wider than I am used to so I had to be cautious about objects I was walking around with the motor on my back (cause you will).

I really didn't want to give it back after a few flights and really can't wait to fly it again.

Justin Brim
Acro Paragliding Pilot

Thanks to Shane and Team Fly Halo for letting me take the Scout for a spin the other day! Nice looking machine and the anti-torque wing thingy's seem to work well. The no offset design is awesome for flying an acro wing with because it doesn't have a built in turn at low throttle. Its nice to see such forward thinking designs coming to fruition. It "tunnels" and SATs really well too ;-). Kind of strange to not hear the usual creaking and flexing when doing a little wacro.

Shane Denherder
Team Fly Halo Pilot

Please note, Shane is apart of Team Fly Halo, importers for the Scout Paramotor.

"As with any review I do, I always like to include who I feel the product is most appropriate for. And as I mentioned before, the Scout is moderately strong and targeted for a competition level pilot – someone who is over the falling down and blowing launches “phase”. That being said, I think that a very skilled and extremely fit intermediate could grow into the Scout. (Some people skip that phase) If every pilot were a beach flyer – I would say that most people could succeed on the Scout after quality training. If you’re a seasoned PPG veteran yet not very ambitious, you may not quite appreciate all of the subtleties the Scout offers. The Scout is geared toward that next-generation of hungry pilots who appreciate fine engineering and want every competitive edge to help them succeed, or to at least enjoy the sport to it’s fullest potential on their personal quest for thrill-seeking. If you’re just getting into the sport, get with your Scout rep and see if you’re a good candidate. If not – consider it as a goal for your second machine. You’re going to absolutely love it."

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