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SCOUT Show @ Wings Over Winter Paramotor Fly In

Our lead demo pilot has returned from Wings Over Winter after showcasing the SCOUT this past weekend.  The SCOUT was available for demo flights and drew in quite the crowd during the event.  According to Eric Farewell, the event organizer, over 100 pilots attended through out the week.  We were happy to be hanging out in tshirts and shorts weather down in sunny Florida.

Production has recently increased to keep up with the demands of customers-  who are really loving the features of the SCOUT Paramotor.   Once you fly a SCOUT,  you won't be able to get the experience out of your head.  It's rather addictive... but don't take our word for it - ask around or better yet, try it for yourself!

For pilots with the skills and experience, we have also discovered the ultimate aerial bestie for the SCOUT - the Dudek Snake Reflex Wing.  The Snake works in perfect harmony with the SCOUT giving the pilot a huge speed range, dynamic fighter pilot style handling and a surprising amount of efficiency.  Needless to say, we are in love!


Shane Denherder joining formation with his SCOUT 185 and Dudek Snake


We are looking forward to sharing the skies with all of you!  Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the unique SCOUT.

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