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Scout Paramotor Dealers

The following is a list of Scout paramotor dealers and powered paragliding instructors who have been hand selected to represent the SCOUT name. These dealers have proven their adequacy to the SCOUT team, and can help you in your quest to learn to fly, as well as determining whether the SCOUT is for you.

Dealers contact info is listed below, click on the dealer name to learn more about them. (we're building pages now)


Jason Cook            Phone:  1-805-996-1030          Email:  [email protected]

Trevor Meeks          Phone:  1-707-706-3357         Email: [email protected]


Team Fly Halo
Byron Leisek           Phone:  1-855-FLY-HALO        Email:  [email protected]              Website:  flyhalo.com


Fly Halo Mountain Campus
Shane Denherder   Phone:  1-855-FLY-HALO        Email:  [email protected]              Website:  flyhalo.com

Johnson Qu          Phone:  1-360-927-8273           Email:  [email protected]