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Learn To Fly a Scout Paramotor From The Following List of Schools

learn to fly the scout carbon fiber paramotor

At Scout Paramotors, we believe that a prospective pilot's safety, success, and enjoyment of the sport is determined more by the instructor he/she chooses to work with than by the gear they chose to fly.  This sport does carry some danger, and requires critical thinking and decision making.  The first critical decision you make is who you will trust your training to.  It's best to chose a thorough, skilled, and ethical instructor who will help you in your decision as to what gear is right for you.

The following is a list of SCOUT dealers and powered paragliding instructors who have been hand selected to represent the SCOUT name.  These dealers have proven their adequacy to the SCOUT team, and can help you in your quest to learn to fly, as well as determining whether the SCOUT is for you.
For more information, visit our SCOUT Paramotor dealers page.
Team Fly Halo
Speedfly Soboba
Paraglide AZ
Fly Halo Mountain Campus