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Scout Carbon Fiber Paramotor

SCOUT photo site purchase scout $8450.00 Delivered.  The Scout Carbon Fiber Paramotor is one of the most innovative designs to enter the powered paragliding niche.    While it is a truly beautiful design,  the Scout packs a powerful punch with many unique features. The Scout paramotor is a revolutionary design that was designed by Miroslav Svec of Slovakia. The Scout is groundbreaking in that it is the first paramotor which adjusts it's torque compensation measures for your flight profile by design. The lightweight design is currently coming in just over 54lbs on the scale; with a very central center of gravity making the paramotor comfortable to carry on the ground, as well as capable of extremely effective weight shift. This paramotor is very likely the closest feeling to free flight paragliding! scout paramotor, from the side With it's extremely low drag, low weight, and high power-to-weight ratio; it is the obvious choice for competitors and skilled amateurs alike.

The Specs: 54lbs, 25.5 HP, 3.2 gallon gas tank, 132cm custom prop The SCOUT is also available with the Moster Silent and Moster Plus engines.  Contact your local SCOUT dealer for more information. The Scout comes with many unique features as standard:

  • Custom Harness load certified to 15G's
  • Integrated water rescue provisions, flotation collar optional
  • Integrated underseat reserve container
  • Carbon Fiber Telescopic Stand
  • Aerodynamic polished carbon fiber cage
  • Aerodynamic carbon fiber cage spars featuring Dynamic Torque Compensation
  • Proprietary throttle adjustable for left or right handed pilots, custom carbon throttle or Chameleon throttle optional
  • Carbon Fiber back plate distributes weight upon impact
  • Custom fixed-pitch 132cm carbon fiber prop
  • Extreme portability with optional travel-ready case

The following additional features are available from the factory as upgrades:

  • Integrated inflatable PFD harness insert - $232.00
  • Moster Plus engine -  + $300
  • Moster Silent Engine - + $150
  • Cage Bags (pair) - $125.00
  • Team FlyHalo Carbon Fiber throttle - $400.00
  • Chameleon throttle - email for info
  • SafeStart system protects pilot from a stuck throttle - $199.00
  • Integrated PPG Meter - $270.00
  • Travel Bag - $410.00
  • Prop Cover - $50.00
"Overall this machine meets more safety goals than any other machine I've tested." - Jeff Goin Read more Scout Paramotor Reviews here purchase scout