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Get up close and personal with the Scout Paramotor. Find out just how cutting-edge this unit really is.

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Unique Carbon Fiber Design

Ultra lightweight yet extremely strong, see why Carbon fiber makes the Scout stand out from the rest. Not just from its looks.

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Scout's Innovative Features

Scout is not just a sexy paramotor. Find out what innovative features we've engineered into this sleek design.

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SCOUT Enduro – The Latest Game Changer from SCOUT Paramotors

When you think of the word “enduro,”  most will think of tough motorcycles built for rugged terrain and high speed off road racing.  Pulling from the success of the SCOUT Carbon model, the Enduro takes things to a whole new level of strength in design with the new Enduro model. We will be releasing more information in the near future on the new SCOUT Enduro Paramotor.  Don’t worry, this model is not designed to replace the existing carbon fiber paramotor in any way.  These two paramotors will fill totally different roles.

Miroslav Svec Has Invented A New Paramotor Wing Steering System

Miroslav Svec, the lead designer of the SCOUT paramotor has invented another pilot friendly design for the sport of powered paragliding.  This time around he has created a new wing steering system that is ideal for high speed slalom racing. This new system code named the MS Advanced Steering System will bring a new level of safety to slalom racing as it minimizes the risks of pilots using too much break in accelerated flight. See in depth photos and more details at the SCOUT International website.  Chalk this up as another innovation from Miro, following along the lines of his …
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