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Arizona SCOUT Paramotor Dealers

SCOUT Paramotor Dealers in Arizona, USA:
Kyle Moses

For as long as he can remember, Kyle has always had a passion for flight. During his adolescence, he began assembling and flying remote control airplanes. On his fourteenth birthday, his father took him on his first paragliding flight in San Diego, CA. He knew after this experience that he, too, wanted to learn to paraglide. Unbeknownst to him at such a young age, a career would foster from this unquenchable desire for flight.

Sure enough, at the commencement of his adult years, his life became even more saturated with flight—his education, employment and hobbies all began to revolve around the aviation industry. In 2007, Kyle became a paragliding pilot while flying at the Point of the Mountain in Draper, UT—arguably one of the best paragliding sites in the Unites States. Kyle has since become a paramotor pilot/instructor.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Aviation with an emphasis in Professional Piloting from Utah Valley University in Orem, UT. During this time, Kyle began working in the aviation industry building and flying Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). He also completed his commercial pilot's license and commercial instrument rating. Shortly thereafter, he completed his glider rating addon.

Since 2007, Kyle has worked as a Civilian Contractor flying Unmanned Aerial Systems while working alongside the U.S. Department of Defense, including two deployments to the Philippines and three to Afghanistan—all supporting the U.S. Military. Kyle has held numerous positions while working in the Unmanned Aerial Systems industry, a few of which include: Deputy Chief Pilot, Instructor, External/Internal Pilot, Sensor Operator and Fabricator.

Kyle has an insatiable desire to paraglide and paramotor that can be fulfilled by nothing else. The famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci—“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth
with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and
there you will long to return.”
–flawlessly expresses Kyle’s passion for flying.